Removable bezel for your glasses.


As holder of the Patent Certificate (Utility model: “Removable Decorative Device for glasses”, granted on 2014) M. J. Casado Candelas, studious and admirer of classical antiquity and arts, specially painting, what has always aroused in me a special feeling which, in this case, it would not have been possible to share with you without the collaboration of the artist-jeweler Mr. Rafael Aguilar.

The device ´s purpose is to let you “wear” your daily glasses as you wish, normal or sun glasses alike, eyeglasses, metal frame or rimmed, depending on the circumstances, expected or unexpected, that can come along the day: at the office or at home, formal or casual, celebrations, concerts, exhibitions…

All this without having to take into your handbag bulky cases with a more selected glasses which you usually reserve for those exceptional events, but just with small accessories you can attach or remove from the temples of the glasses, accessories which are designed by experts but where you can even create your own design!

The purpose, besides ornamentation, is to “separate” the different moments of the day: Changing our look make us feel better, different… it take us out of the routine.!


Bronze Medal in the “2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo Invention Contest” Celebrado en Septiembre de 20019 in Taipei City