This invention aims to provide the user with an easy and comfortable system to adapt glasses model according to his daily circumstances (casual, festival, ceremonial…) without being forced to spend much money and without affecting nor damaging the main object, which are the glasses.

In other words, changing the decoration of the glasses without changing the glasses themselves.

The invention is not each model which is shown on this dossier but the mechanism that allow mounting and dismounting them.

The invented devices are ornament trims fastened to the temples of the glasses by removable fastening means. They consist of a pin hooks which partially embrace the temples of the glasses. These pin hooks may be rods or claws made in malleable metals (silver, gold, silver gilt…) or in textile elastic tubular structure that perfectly fit to the temple, achieving a complete immobilization of the ornaments.

UTILITY MODEL registered at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Certificate registration granted on the 11th of June 2014 (BOPI 2014)